The Ladysmith Golf Club memorial pillar (unveiled July 1, 2010)


This pillar was erected close to the second and eighth tee by the Ladysmith Rotary on the 30th anniversary of the construction of the Ladysmith Golf Club. The construction of the course is the largest project to date of the Rotary Club of Ladysmith. The idea was conceived by the Ladysmith Legion Branch 171. and designed by golf architect Ernie Brown.


After much negotiation the town of Ladysmith assigned 14 acres to the project. The Legion negotiated a $10,000 grant from the provincial government and a no taxes agreement with the town. The overall cost was expected to be about $100.000. This high cost made it impossible for the Legion to proceed. The Legion then asked Rotary to build the course. Rotary overcame the funding problem by having individual Rotarians sign promissory notes for a local bank. The bank then provided a loan to Rotary.


Raising funds, soliciting materials, forming a partnership with Malaspina College (today's Vancouver Island University) were all pieces of the project. From beginning to end the project took seven years (1973 to 1980) to complete. After the heavy earth-moving was completed the club members, spouses and children spent evenings and weekends with rakes and shovels converting the rough work of the machines into fairways and greens.


      "The ladies of Rotary prepared many meals and endured patiently the absence of their Rotary husbands toiling in the mud and the dust, cutting wood, building bridges, working on the clubhouse and all the other assignments related to the project. The number of work hours ran into thousands."


At the opening ceremony on June 14 1980,Rtn. Jim Runciman was master of ceremonies. Ladysmith Rotary President Ivan Gardner, Willis Jamison (Legion), Kay Grouhel (Past Mayor), Jim Taylor (Golf Club President), Margaret Jang (Miss Rotary and Miss Ladysmith) were the dignitaries present.

( The quotation and much of the information comes from a Rotary Club History by Emile L. de Koninck)